About NanoDiGree

The NanoDiGree project is going to manufacture, through economical viable production methods, competitive high quality transparent conducting films in order to replace ITO. This projected solution will be based on the production of conductive/transparent inks containing Cu nanowires which will be fabricated via advanced pulse electrodeposition (PED) methods. The Cu nanowires will be electro deposited into anodised aluminium oxide (AAO) nanoporous-templates by utilizing pulse current electrodeposition. The produced nanowires will be dispersed in “green” solvent mixture in order to develop the printing inks for the afterwards production of the films. Finally, Roll-to-Roll printing will be used in order to apply thin flexible conductive-transparent films on suitable polymer substrates that will be used as the flexible devices.The goal of the NanoDiGree project is to intercept the trend of integration of all supply chain manufacturer of displays in Asia by producing high added value component in Europe. The successful outcome of this project will have a significant impact in European competitiveness within the market of TCF. Indeed, the impact is intended to be significant, considering that the alternative TCFs address the need of constantly growing market sectors, which nowadays widely use ITO. These are the electronic displays as well as the solar panels manufacturers.